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Express Naturopathic Service: Acute Infections & Quick Prescriptions (Existing Clients Only)

Service Overview:

Our Express Naturopathic Service is designed for individuals seeking immediate relief and support for acute infections and related health concerns. This streamlined consultation focuses on assessing your symptoms and providing quick, effective supplemental and herbal prescriptions to support your body's natural healing process.

What to Expect:
- Duration: 20 minutes
- Mode: Virtual via Zoom or What's App or In-person

During the Consultation:
1. Symptom Assessment:
- Discuss your current symptoms, medical history, and any recent changes in health.
- Identify the type and severity of the infection (e.g., respiratory, digestive, urinary tract, etc.).

2. Supplemental and Herbal Prescriptions:
- Provide tailored recommendations for supplements and herbal remedies that target your specific infection.
- Discuss dosages, administration methods, and potential interactions with any current medications.

Examples of Conditions Treated:
- Common colds and flu
- Sore throats
- Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
- Digestive upsets
- Minor skin infections
- Sinus infections
- Ear infections

Why Choose Our Express Service:
- Quick Relief: Immediate attention to your acute health issues with rapid recommendations and Practitioner Quality Supplements and Herbal Medicines.
- Convenience: Short consultation time fits easily into your busy schedule.
- Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of a qualified naturopath for accurate and effective treatment plans.
- Holistic Approach: Natural remedies that work with your body's innate healing abilities without harsh side effects.

Please Note - Herbs and Supplements are an additional cost.