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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonics at Yes2health are conducted by University Qualified Naturopath & Nutritionist Rebekah

“Disease occurs when our internal environment is inflamed due to impaction and incomplete eliminations.

This is an invitation for dis-ease” (Peredes, A).



Why have a Colonic?

Gastrointestinal conditions are on the rise due to our modern diet & lifestyle along with toxin exposure from our environment & household/beauty products. This daily assault on our body with processed foods, artificial sweeteners, colours, additives, pesticides, sugars, animal proteins, alcohol, stress & subsequent toxin accumulation can go on for years before we truly start to care about our health, start to appreciate our bodies & try to turn our health around. The good news is, you are reading this so it’s not too late! As B.J. Palmer said “The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease”.

It is not uncommon for a person to have several extra kilograms of impacted faecal matter in the colon even if you poo a few times daily, providing an acidic & ideal breeding environment for yeast & parasites. The build up of faecal matter, toxic waste, dead cellular tissue, mucus & parasites on the colon wall inhibits muscular contractions, resulting in sluggish bowel movements, plaque build up, gas/ bloating/ slow transit time/ chronic constipation. This waste can re-circulate & enter the blood stream causing symptoms of toxicity & the impacted faecal matter can impair the colons ability to assimilate vitamins & minerals. The purpose of colon hydrotherapy is therefore to hydrate & break down faecal matter allowing for the removal of toxins & waste material from the colon & to relieve bloating, excess gas & discomfort.

By reducing the amount of toxic waste in the bowels we subsequently cleanse the bloodstream, tissues & organs & digestive issues such as constipation, bloating & flatulence will reduce. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon also helps to improve peristaltic function, therefore the muscles of the colon may become more toned & strengthened & subsequent transit time of faecal matter will often speed up. By eliminating pockets of waste & impacted faecal matter, the colon will ideally resume its natural state. You will often see that your stomach is immediately flatter after a session & this is more noticeable after 1 to 2 days. In the long run, as toxins are cleared with each colonic, the bodies ability to focus on fat burning may be enhanced due to the cells retaining less toxins & subsequently retaining less fat in the cells. Let’s keep in mind that every day we are still facing toxin exposure from our diet/ beauty products/environmental factors which is why regular colonics are a great addition to a healthy diet & lifestyle. 


Our Machine

Our modern machine is operated at a maximum psi pressure of 1 or less, which means it is similar to a gravity colonic and allows a more comfortable colonic for the patient. Our water goes through a three phase filtering sequence, independent for hot and cold water. Our temperature gauge is built into our machine and our machine is also self cleaning with medical grade disinfectant. One of the greatest features of our machine is the purple UV light viewing tube which shows up parasites. We can also view the bowel contents & identify what little nasties are coming out along with identifying excess fermentation, candida, gas, mucus & whether you are in fact chewing your food! We are approved by NSW Health to offer Colon Hydrotherapy & we use single use equipment (speculums and tubing) that has also been approved by NSW Health.


Our Method

Once you arrive & have filled in your form, we will start a mini Naturopathic Consultation (valued at $75) to discuss your medical history & current health status/ concerns. Recommendations will be discussed with you during your colonic. Rebekah will then explain the colonic procedure & reiterate the information you received about the colonic procedure & what to expect when you booked online. From here, we start the Colonic treatment. You will be asked to empty the bladder & change your lower half into a disposable eco friendly towel. Then you will be guided through the process of the speculum insertion. We use a speculum that is unique and shorter than most for safety & each speculum & tubing inlet/outlet is for single use only. The insertion process is painless and quick. You will be draped appropriately at all times so that your dignity is maintained & privacy protected. The procedure then begins with gentle fills & releases of waste. Throughout the procedure, your colon hydrotherapist will remain with you. It is a situation where we work together to achieve effective results & discuss your health at the same time. Rebekah aims to educate you on the importance of your nutrition choices & to assist you to improve your diet, which is often one of the main contributors for underlying gut dysfunction. When you book online you receive all the information about your procedure prior so all possible questions are answered



Sterile disposable single use speculums
Disposable & Eco Friendly Single Use Towels
Disposable single use waterproof bed linen
Disposable Apron for Practitioner
Seperate bathroom with complete privacy


    Does a Colonic hurt?

    Many clients of Yes2health that eat a healthy diet & are regularly having colonics as part of their lifestyle have the easiest colonics which are enjoyable & a ‘walk in the park’. For others, colonics may cause some mild discomfort which is similar to the feeling of having diarrhoea. At times you may experience some cramps and on the rare occasion you may experience nausea, which can be a sign of toxicity & poor lifestyle/nutrition. Either way it’s a great decision to start regular colonics & every colonic gets better & better & infact enjoyable.


    How Long Does a Colonic go for?

    On average a colonic goes for 45mn, however we allow 1 hour for your entire session. We also allow 15mn between each client to allow for thorough cleaning of the toilet & treatment room.


    How Many Colonics Do I need?

    Yes2health recommends initially 3 colonics, a few days apart or one per week every 3 weeks, however this can vary from person to person. Sometimes you may need 4 initially. If you suffer from a gastrointestinal/health condition or regular bloating/constipation/pain/a chronic skin condition then it is recommended you come in regularly for even up to 3 months. It all depends on the individual & a 1 hour Naturopathic Consultation will be recommended to commence you on a Nutritional & Herbal Protocol to assist the Colonics and improvement of your health.


    Can I have a Colonic during my Period?

    Yes you can. Colonics are very beneficial during the menstrual cycle.


    Can I return to work after a Colonic?

    Yes you can. You can go about your day as normal but just avoid vigorous activity for 2 hours afterwards. Some clients feel invigorated & energetic after a colonic, some feel lighter & calm, & some feel tired which can just be a sign of the body going through the detoxification processes.


    Are Colonics recommended during Juice Fasts & Water Fasts?

    If you are on a detoxification program provided by Yes2health, colonics will help you to eliminate toxins, reduce recirculation of toxins & assist you to feel a whole lot better. Colonics reduce symptoms commonly experienced during detox (headache, fatigue, low energy, nausea, aches & pains). By allowing the colon to clear out a lot of the toxic waste, you can continue on the detox without feeling terrible (which some, not all experience)

    during the various stages of detox. Please note it is vital that you work with a Qualified Naturopath when undergoing detoxification programs/ juice fasts & water fasts.


    Benefits of a Colonic

    Regulation of bowel movements
    Reduction of bloating & gas
    Reduction of toxins
    Reduction of plaque, mucous & impacted faeces
    Identification of parasites & candida
    A healthy well functioning bowel
    Reduction in inflammation
    Improvement of digestion & absorption of nutrients
    Enhancement of mental clarity
    Creation of a sense of well being
    Reshaping of the colon, the fill & release stimulate peristalsis & reduction of spastic constrictions. This allows the colon to restore to its natural state leading to less problems.

    Indicated for:

    Constipation, impacted faeces, bloating, flatulence, IBS, back pain, allergies, food intolerances, indigestion, haemorrhoids
    Skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema
    Weight Loss
    Poor concentration, headaches, migraines
    Depression, anxiety & lack of focus
    Candida, parasites, yeast infections
    Rheumatoid Arthritis



      1 x Colonic $200
      3 x Colonics $550
      6 x Colonics $1100


        Who Can’t Have a Colonic?

        Contraindicated in Recent Surgery, Active Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis, Chron’s Disease, Heart Disease, Renal Insufficiency, Advanced Kidney Disease, Colon Cancer & General Carcinoma, Lupus, Fistula, Mass, Epilepsy, Intestinal Perforation, Anaemia, Acute Liver Failure, Abdominal Hernia, Pregnancy.


        For the best results, the day before your colonic avoid heavy foods and include:

        Organic cold pressed juices/vegetable broth/herbal tea’s/soups
        Organic Raw Greens Powder. Have 1-3 serves daily. Alkalises, energises, reduces heavy metals, regulates bowels.
        Vegetable Broths / Soups
        For those with severe constipation, upon waking have a freshly squeezed celery juice – must be on its own and on an empty stomach. If needed you can blend it with some filtered water and strain it. Approx 200mL
        Organic vegetables and fruit
        Freshly squeezed vegetable Juices (kale, baby spinach, celery, ginger, beetroot, lemon, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, apple, pear).
        Fruit (on an empty stomach if you suffer from bloating and excess gas)
        Nuts & Seeds
        Green Tea or Herbal Tea
        Lemon with warm water
        2-3L of filtered water per day
        Organic Pear juice if you suffer from constipation



          Processed foods
          Animal products
          Legumes, beans, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus
          Cease water the hour before the colonic so you don’t need to urinate during the colonic


            After your Colonic:

            No vigorous activity for 2 hours
            Adequate hydration
            Electrolytes such as those found in coconut water chlorphyll and spirulina
            Meals of vegetables, wholegrains and fruit
            Probiotics are recommended to replenish bacteria; practitioner quality is available at Yes2health
            Organic Cold Pressed Vegetable/Green Juices
            Aloe Vera Juice from Yes2Health if you have an inflammatory bowel condition
            Peppermint Tea 
            Ginger Tea
            Chamomile Tea
            Fermented Foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, coconut kefir