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Live Blood Analysis


What is Live Blood Analysis?
Live Blood Analysis (LBA) is a technique that involves examining a drop of blood under a high-powered microscope to assess the health and vitality of various components of the blood. This non-invasive procedure provides valuable insights into the overall state of your health by observing the size, shape, and movement of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other blood constituents in real-time.


What Can Live Blood Analysis Detect?
Live Blood Analysis can detect a wide range of health issues and imbalances, including nutritional deficiencies, oxidative stress, inflammation, poor digestion, toxin overload, and immune system dysfunction. Additionally, it can reveal abnormalities such as the presence of parasites, bacteria, fungal infections, iron clumping, and potential signs of anaemia.


How is Live Blood Analysis Conducted?
During a Live Blood Analysis session, a small drop of blood is extracted from the fingertip using a sterile lancet. The blood sample is then placed on a glass slide and viewed under a specialized dark-field microscope. The microscope magnifies the blood cells, allowing the practitioner to observe their characteristics and interactions in detail.


Consultation Length and Reporting
A Live Blood Analysis consultation typically lasts for 45 minutes. Following the analysis, you will receive a detailed written report summarising the findings and observations within 1 week. Please note that Live Blood Analysis is not a substitute for a Naturopathic Consultation. For personalised health advice and recommendations tailored to your specific needs, we recommend booking a Naturopathic Consultation with our experienced Practitioner, Rebekah.