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Liver Cleanse 14 Day Kickstart Program

This 14 day Liver Cleanse Program is a wonderful kickstart to a healthier new you!
It's super easy to follow, delicious & will help you to feel in control of your health AND support you in creating new healthy habits.
Do you suffer from:
Bad breath
Foggy head
Nausea or indigestion
Itchy skin
Breakouts or dull skin
Lack of energy & a poor nights sleep
Depression & low mood
Fluid retention
Why do we need to Cleanse?
It is a challenging world that we live in. We find ourselves relying on takeaway food, processed food & eating foods riddled with pesticides, antibiotics, additives & preservatives. We get home from work & quickly heat up our frozen pre-packaged dinner in a microwave, destroying the nutrients in the meal. We skip fruit, salad & vegetables & rely on processed snacks that leave us even more hungry & not providing us the nutrients our body craves. We may enjoy a wine or two at night, but notice that our body doesn't cope as well as it used to. We drink tap water, full of contaminants, & the air we breath is polluted with toxins from industry & transportation. The cleaning products we use around the home & beauty products we use on ourselves also build up in our body. We can even develop chemical liver dysfunction from an overload of chemical exposure over the years.
Not only that, toxins in our body can result from viral or bacterial infections, or from the by-products of the metabolism of certain bacteria & yeasts that inhabit our bowel. On top of this our stress levels are paramount & we find ourselves locked into a hyperactive state with our adrenals running overtime. Our sleep may be adversely affected & anxiety & depression can result. Many of us turn to pharmaceuticals but ironically these can result in more toxins in our bodies, side effects & more stress. Sure our body has an innate ability to detox, but why keep overburdening it, & why not rather gently assist our bodies to cleanse?
A detoxification program for the body & mind that will result in increased energy, vitality & focus, improved digestion with less bloating & more regular bowel movements, a better quality sleep, clearer skin, less aches & pains.
It's amazing that 14 days can make such a difference to how you feel. I highly recommend this program after holidays, the new year or if returning to good health after falling into bad habits. It's not too long so it's a super easy commitment & will help you feel confident, in control of your health & motivated. 
This program provides a gentle liver cleanse, supported with specific foods, juices & herbal tea's & for many this program is the starting point to positively shifting one’s health as this is sustainable & an extremely healthy way of living. This program is designed to take you back to simplicity & real food. Taking you away from processed foods, alcohol, preservatives, refined sugar, additives & the like.
By consuming pure nutrient dense whole plant foods, we get to reconnect with nature, with ourselves & everything around us. You can now create the health in your life that you really want as you will finally feel the vast array of benefits that come from nourishing your body. The mind and body are so connected so as we cleanse the physical & digestion improves, emotions are also going to be affected & you will feel more clarity, focus & peace of mind. A happier you will emerge as we know as we cleanse our gut & improve our microbiome our brain is positively affected.
Daily Meditation & Journaling is recommended during your cleanse as it is a huge journey into self love & nourishing yourself. It's important to take this time to focus on self worth & to reconnect with what it feels like to truly look after yourself.
This isn’t a fad diet, it is an actual sustainable lifestyle that many of my clients follow & thrive on permanently. This way of eating can start to improve your health in so many ways such as by lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar levels, lowering body fat, improving cognition & reducing aches & pains. When you consume less inflammatory foods & less animal proteins, the body will respond in so many amazing ways & I have no doubt you will be happy with the health improvements.
The longest living people in the world who live in the ‘blue zones’  & most often live to the age of 100+, eat a predominantly plant based diet with the majority of their calories coming from fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains & nuts. Approximately 95% of their meals don’t contain any meat (the remaining in most individuals seems to be seafood) & rather they focus on lentils, fave beans, black beans & soy beans with very little to no processed foods. You will be adopting a plant based diet and it is most definitely a sustainable, healthy & enjoyable way to live. 14 days of eating this way will be a fantastic introduction into this healthy way of living.
Don’t you want to feel amazing & full of vitality in this life & therefore enjoy each day to the fullest?
This program goes for 14 days which is a short time but it can have a huge impact on your life.
1 x 60mn Online Naturopathic Consultation + Plant Based Nutritional Plan + 1 x Organic Raw Greens Powder + 1 x Liver Cleanse Powder + 1 x Detox Herbal Tea
Price $350
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